Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Exit the "King of Kings"

The self-proclaimed 'King of Kings' of Africa, Muammar al Gaddafi, in absolute power of Libya since 1969, is no more. He died in his home town of Sirte on 20 October, after trying to flee while the Libyan 'rebels' took Sirte. The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear to date. The Trans National Council says Gaddafi was killed in the cross-fire between rebels and loyalists. Gaddafi's death marks the 'completion' of the Libyan revolution, which started in February this year. For Libyans, the most difficult part of the revolution now lies ahead: building up a democratic society after 42 years of dictatorship.

Runway 08

It has been announced that runway 08 on the renovated and extended Maun International Airport will soon be operational.

Wildfire season

It's that time of year again. Veldfires are raging over several parts of the country.

Lake Ngami

Lake Ngami is filled with water it hasn't seen for decades. This obviously attracts a lot of people wihing to see the lake in its full glory. Thousands of birds from many different species are also attracted by the vast body of water and many of them are nesting on the lake. A concern is that a relatively large number of people launch their boats and even jetskis on the lake, causing concern as especially the faster vessels would disturb nesting birds.

Rivers, roads, crocs and water

The cartoons above are inter-related and tell a story about recent events in Maun.The 'culvert bridge' near Sitatunga has recently completely collapsed, causing a new flash flood in the Nxutego river. This again caused hundreds of crocodiles to e washed into the Thamalakane river downstream.The road leading to Sehitwa, Ghanzi and Shakawe has been order for quite some time as a result by this.As a cherry on the cake, the Kunyere water pipeline was washed out as well, aggravating the already serious water crisis in Maun. Crocs had a field day though, until the Department of Wildlife and National Parks started culling the escapees.